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A blind woman once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” How ironic it seems that those words fell on mostly deaf ears?  It’s true that instead of living life to the fullest, most of us were trained to be more careful and avoid risking our physical, emotional and financial stability.

“Don’t play with fire… you will always get burned.” “Don’t climb so high… you will lose your balance and fall.” “Don’t talk to strangers… you will end up missing or dead.”

This unfaithful stance on life creates excessive limitations when trying to enjoy it. Our lives are filled with opportunities, all of which involve a certain amount of risk. Despite the sheer excitement of it all, pay close attention to the dangers implied, act with clear thought, take a chance, and keep the faith. It’s real… those of us who take risks are those of us that help to make life worth living.

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