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In a quest to bare explicit truths found deep within the mind, body, and soul, join Callie Lives in creating new adventures in writing, shopping, learning and living.


  1. Deltama83 says:

    Just love love the blog and clothing store, keep up the great work!

  2. Deltama83 says:

    No problem Did you ever sell those Jimmy Choo heels?

  3. kdixon says:

    The SALE prices are OFF THE CHAIN!!! Affordable, hot, sexy and NOT cheap looking clothes for the Goddess in me…thanks Callie!!!

  4. kdixon says:

    *Received my dress yesterday…it’s BEAUTIFUL, but *whispering* just a little tight.  Start a workou regimen blog…PLEASE???  The autographed receipt is a great touch – thanks Callie!!!

  5. mrswhitmire says:


    Are the Hot Pink Passport Silky like Lycra Leggings going to be in stock? Are you stilling selling those leggings? I fell in love with those.

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